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We Put the AI in Retail.


Sizeo’s game-changing SaaS-based supply chain technology leverages existing retailer data to seamlessly optimize localized inventory decisions.


The Sizeo Impact

A myriad of forces are impacting today’s retail environment and significantly increasing the complexity of inventory execution.  Our modern solutions built with pragmatic AI and advanced ML are essential to manage today’s retail environment with accuracy and confidence.

Increased Sales & Margin

More accurate size-level execution means improved placement of inventory across selling locations.  Inventory becomes more productive, selling more units at full-price.

Reduced Supply Chain Costs

Omnichannel customers place incremental stress on supply chains driving up shipping & handling costs.  Advanced models predict customer demand to reduce the frequency items are handled and shipped.

Satisfied Customers

Customers are more likely to find the product they want, when they want it, in their size, and through their desired selling channel and store location.

Simplified User

Fueled by Big Data and modern analytics, users manage parameter settings so intelligent automation does the heaving lifting.


AI & ML technology identifies growth opportunities and naturally adjusts execution to eliminate risk prone decisions.

The Sizeo Difference

Today’s retail environment is constantly evolving and increasing the complexity of inventory execution. Sizeo’s solutions, built with pragmatic AI and advanced ML, are essential to managing your retail operations with accuracy and confidence.


Retail Expertise

With deep experience across retail strategy, operations, and technology,  the Sizeo team has a proven track record of successfully transforming how retailers operate.

Ready for Next

Adaptable and flexible SaaS technology enables Sizeo to efficiently provide new functionality that solves for emerging challenges.

Customer First

We put our customers at the center of everything we do.  Together, we’ll partner to ensure our solutions meet your inventory management needs.

Incredible Time to Value

Sizeo consistently deploys our solutions faster than the competition.  Our low-touch solutions accelerate adoption, while AI and ML rapidly identify areas opportunity.

Why Sizeo

Let's Talk.

The Sizeo team is here to help retailers modernize localized inventory execution.  Reach out to learn more about our game-changing supply chain solutions.

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