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Who We Are.

Learn more about who we are and how we help retailers optimize inventory execution around the world.


Our Vision

The 3 D's

DEVELOP innovative optimization solutions that change how established apparel and footwear retailers plan, execute and optimize their inventory execution.

DISRUPT retail operations with agile SaaS based technology fueled by modern analytics and optimization that significantly reduce the time analysts spend reviewing store level decisions.​

DEPLOY solutions that simplify supply chain operations, improve inventory management execution, and enable retailers to consistently deliver merchandising strategies with confidence.


We are an ideal blend of retail industry experts --- former retail inventory management leaders, retail technologists and retail data scientists.  We truly understand your business strategies, challenges and needs.


We have advanced technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that old-school software providers can only dream about, and the completeness of vision and knowledge of retail workflow that new software providers simply don’t have.


Leading footwear and apparel retailers are ready to change the way they approach localized inventory decisions.  These retailers seek AI and ML technology to optimize inventory placement across channels and selling locations.


By partnering together, we enable our customers to more efficiently increase inventory productivity, while allowing analysts to spend more time on strategic, value-added activities.  

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