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Size Intelligence.

Sizeo enables retail supply chain execution to accurately align with localized customer demand.  Our solutions efficiently handle complex data and business parameters to seamlessly drive optimal sizing and prepack decisions.

Demand Execution

Efficient, accurate execution ensures your customers find the product they want, in the size they need, and the selling location of their choice.


Sizeo optimization generates the best prepack configurations based on business parameters, vendor constraints, and a holistic view of demand and inventory


Pre-pack and bulk buy quantities are calculated considering the need for each individual selling location.  Order Orchestrator technology will ensure size specific needs are reconciled based on current inventory ownership and future demand enabling inventories to be right-sized at the store/size level. 


Optimally match available to allocate prepack and bulk inventory to store need to improve overall product availability and the customer experience

Demand Execution


Size Intelligence eliminates the guess work and effort associated with evaluating size profile quality.  Profiles are scored in real-time, and based on the quality of the output, profiles are either automatically approved or flagged for exception management.


AI Sizing

Sizeo relies on historical selling to generate size profiles.  However, sometimes history at a location-size level is not predictive of the future.  Our solution will make natural adjustments, but will not take risks that your analysts wouldn’t.  AI reviews every profile to safeguard that data and algorithms won’t generate a size curve that’s unlike anything experienced across your products and selling locations.


More accurate size-level execution means better placement of inventory across selling locations.  Your inventory becomes more productive, selling more units at full-price.

Supply Chain

Omnichannel customers put more stress on supply chains and drive up shipping & handling costs.  Advanced models more accurately predict customer demand and reduce the number of times the same item is touched and shipped.


Customers will be more likely to find the product they want, when they want it, in their size, and through their desired selling channel/location.


Let's Talk.

The Sizeo team consistently deploys our modern technology faster than the norm.  Our low-touch solutions accelerate adoption, while AI and ML rapidly identify areas of missed opportunity

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