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Flexibility In

Our flexible design allows retailers to utilize our advanced functionality in the way that best serves their organization.


Our Technology

With three different operating models to leverage Sizeo technology, we make it easy for retailers to choose a path that seamlessly integrates with existing organizational mindset and technology to unlock tremendous value.  Each approach fully leverages Sizeo’s powerful optimization, but allows for varying degrees of automation and end-user involvement.


Access the power of modern algorithms, advanced AI & ML, and best-in-class design through a true SaaS model. 

We’ll partner with you to leverage your data to drive significantly better size, pack and allocation decisions.

Optimization services return

sku/store-level results for your existing applications to consume.

No User Interface, no manual user activities

Our most streamlined approach

Delivered to you in weeks

Automation &

Access to Sizeo’s SaaS-based analytical services plus analysts will harness the power of Sizeo’s Automation Modules to tailor system parameters to best align with your merchandising strategies

Leverage test and learn capabilities to proactively tune system settings that produce the most accurate size level outcomes possible

Efficient workflow and quick user adoption


Access to Sizeo’s SaaS-based analytical services, Automation modules, and Review Management module.

Analysts have the power to see, evaluate and edit system generated size execution in real time

Allow Intelligent Automation to auto-approve outcomes that meet specific levels of quality, while the user engages in streamlined exception management activities to address anomalies.


Let's Talk.

The Sizeo team consistently deploys our modern technology faster than the norm.  Our low-touch solutions accelerate adoption, while AI and ML rapidly identify areas of missed opportunity

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