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The Sizeo Difference

Today’s retail environment is constantly evolving and increasing the complexity of inventory execution. Sizeo’s solutions, built with pragmatic AI and advanced ML, are essential to managing your retail operations with accuracy and confidence.


Retail Expertise

With deep experience across retail strategy, operations, and technology,  the Sizeo team has a proven track record of successfully transforming how retailers operate.

Ready for Next

Adaptable and flexible SaaS technology enables Sizeo to efficiently provide new functionality that solves for emerging challenges.

Customer First

We put our customers at the center of everything we do.  Together, we’ll partner to ensure our solutions meet your inventory management needs.

Incredible Time to Value

Sizeo consistently deploys our solutions faster than the competition.  Our low-touch solutions accelerate adoption, while AI and ML rapidly identify areas opportunity.


Leading AI & Machine Learning

Sizeo's AI technology reviews every profile to safeguard that data and algorithms won't generate a size curve that's unlike anything experienced across your products and selling locations.  ML and Intelligent Automation execute the details, while keeping analysts informed through recommendations and alerts.

Real-time size profiles for buying and allocating

Store volume indexing to establish localized distribution and buy quantities

Recommended case pack configurations with quantities optimized to vendor constraints

AI-Driven recommendation, auto-approvals, and alerts

Size Profiles
Built Better

Sizeo’s proprietary logic generates a unique profile for each style/color/selling location. Our unrivaled approach leads to stable, accurate profiles that are extremely predictive of localized size demand.

Augmented Sales

Demand Shifting and Curve Smoothing transform historical sales into the best possible data


Algorithms search across the product hierarchy and attributes to identify statistically relevant size patters


Users manage business parameters and solution settings to influence executional outcomes

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